More Dogz Membership, Joining More Dogz

More Dogz runs 13 trials and few agility classes. To join more dogs, please send an email to . You might get in right away, or put on a waiting list of the club is full.

As a More Dogz member, you can go to your volunteer home page online at More Dogz Member Home

All members get into all our trials that they want, and receive a $2.50 per run discount. Your payment for joining the club is volunteer hours. No money from you, only volunteer hours.

Club Membership is limited to ensure we can accommodate everyone in our trials.

Your minimum number of required volunteer hours (over the season) will be proportionate to the amount of trial space (the number of runs) your dogs generally take up in a trial. This seems the fairest way, since More Dogz trials are the main focus in MoreDogz. So for each dog you have, the question is: do you generally want to do all 4 runs in a given trial with them, or do you routinely do less?

The minimum possible number of required hours for any member is 8. That is:

  • for members trialing and/or taking lessons with only one dog, their minimum requirement is 8 hours;
  • for trialing members: If you have more than 1 dog, then your number of minimum hours is calculated on the number of runs your dogs generally do in a trial, added up for all of your dogs: 8 hours is starting point, which gives you up to 5 runs per trial. For every additional 4 hours you commit to giving over the season, you can have an additional 2 runs per trial;
  • for members taking lessons with two dogs, their minimum requirement is 16 hours.

For example, say you have one dog that you usually put into all four runs in a trial, but your other dog is generally good for only two runs per trial. That equals 6 runs in a trial; from the table you see that is the 12 hour minimum. Or say you never can make the first event because of your work, so you have three dogs that do three runs per trial each for nine runs in total: now you would need 16 hours.

The level you are at doesn’t matter, or if you happen to be between two levels (eg in both Advanced and Masters). Nor are we asking you to calculate based on the particular events offered or not offered, at different trials. Rather, the question about each dog you run is: When they are eligible for all events at a given level, do you generally sign them up for all 4 runs in a trial, or less? If you span two levels (masters verses starters/advanced), then calculate by the level in which you will want the most number of runs per trial.

Volunteer Hours Given What You Earn
8 volunteer hours Earns up to 5 runs in each trial with any number of dogs, as well as 1 dog taking lessons,
12 volunteer hours Earns up to 7 runs in each trial with any number of dogs, as well as 1 dog taking lessons
16 volunteer hours Earns up to 9 runs in each trial with any number of dogs, as well as 2 dogs taking lessons
20 volunteer hours Earns up to 11 runs in each trial with any number of dogs, as well as 2 dogs taking lessons
24 volunteer hours Earns up to 13 runs in each trial with any number of dogs, as well as 3 dogs taking lessons

And we’ll let you add the occasional extra run. Maybe you have two dogs running 3 runs each always doing 2 standards and one game, but one of them really needs to do both for those elusive gambler Q’s. Well sure, you can have a bonus run for the two gamble trials.

Should we ever encounter a situation where the club got too big one year, the next year returning members will get priority entry with members that gave the most volunteer hours getting first priority entry.

Volunteer hours can be earned at either More Dogz or the 3 Dogz summer Sunday trials and other More Dogz club events, whichever is more convenient for you. Extra volunteer hours are greatly appreciated and will help us keep the basic hour count at 8.

Concerning couples and families: when there is only one dog, there need only be one membership (ie single or joint), regardless of how many may handle in a trial. When there is more than one dog, the total minimum volunteer hours required for the family unit is calculated on the total number of runs desired per trial (regardless of who handles those runs). Therefore, signing up can be as a single "joint" membership for the family, OR each person who handles a dog can become an independent member, with their hours based on the number of runs per trial that they generally do.

Our first few years went great with the paying for new lights on two fields, let's hope our next goes even better although not sure how. Returning members re-join online using the membership form that will be emailed in early March.

We use The Signup Place to manage our membership and all volunteering, it works great.