Welcome to More Dogz

More Dogz is a non-profit Agility club associated with Dogz that runs AAC Agility trials and a few Agility lessons. We are located at the Dogz Canine Sports Centre, 3859 Carling Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. More Dogz will host 13 AAC approved trials each year. All the trials are on Thursday evenings in May through August. As well, we offer a few Agility classes.

Anyone can join More Dogz although membership size is limited, the only membership requirement is volunteer hours, primarily to support successfully running Agility trials.

In return for the volunteer hours you give as a member of More Dogz, we guarantee that you will get entry into every MoreDogz trial that you want to run in. In order to be able to offer this, the Masters and Steeplechase trials are open only to members. (Starters and Advanced trials do not fill up, so no need to have limitations to guarantee member entry). You will also get $2 off the price of each More Dogz trial run. A trial run costs $13 for members and $15 for non-members.

If you are not a More Dogz member and interested in attending our trials, the premium links will be posted on the Trials page for Starter/Advanced trials.  Masters and Steeplechase trials are for More Dogz members only, the premium links are never posted online - only emailed to members.

The number of members in the More Dogz club is limited to ensure that all members always get into our trials.

There is a required minimum of More Dogz Volunteer hours for each member to give over the season (see below for more on this minimum). Volunteer hours can be earned at either More Dogz or Dogz trials, and also at More Dogz club working events, whichever is more convenient for you or your helper. These volunteer hours must be fully completed by the end of each year in order to return as a club member in the next year. You are responsible for having the volunteers hours performed but they do not need to be done by you, they can also be done by a friend or family member that you recruit. We are happy to sign high school volunteer forms for your teens. We will consider special circumstances if volunteer hours are not completed fully.

The number hours you need to give are based on how many runs you would like per trial and if you are taking lessons. Please see the Membership page

Volunteer hours can be earned at either More Dogz or Dogz summer Sunday trials, whichever is more convenient for you and the people helping you.